Values and Goals

Goals of the Studio

  1. To ensure that each child achieves musical literacy and understanding.
  2. To stimulate each child’s natural creativity.
  3. To teach the basic fundamentals of music so that they may be applied to any musical situation.
  4. To aid each child in developing the ability to use time wisely, to follow directions, to concentrate on listening to music and to deal with many things simultaneously.
  5. To provide opportunities for sensitive listening and to help each child learn to evaluate own goals accurately and positively.
  6. To instill in each child a love for music and the independence to pursue it for a lifetime- either as a career or as an avocation.
  7. Learn music theory and harmony with Software programs, in addition to the actual lesson time (unlimited use of computer lab in studio).
  8. Writing dictations and learning music history.
  9. Learn to feel confident and comfortable when performing on the stage.

The recitals are held in the fall and spring. All students are encouraged to participate. Students are welcome to invite their family and friends for these performances. Piano solo and piano duets may be performed.

During the year students will perform in different festivals and competitions where they have the opportunity to win scholarships in the Charlotte area.

Natalya always tries to find a personal approach for each student, adjusting her teaching methods to best suit each musician’s individual goals. No matter what her students are aiming for, Natalya encourages them to love music and enjoy their lessons.